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The Path of a Healer

Over the years of working with clients and students, one of the top things that keeps the Healers on their path would be their desire for change. They want to see shifts happen for themselves and to bring that shift into the world.

However, that is not a natural nor easy process. This awakening and stepping up to the idea of being a Healer to help the world seems to big to handle and comes with a lot of resistance.

“Am I good enough?

Is this really my path? I don’t know where to start.

But I cant perceive energy like people out there.

Perhaps they can do it instead.”

However, this voice and knowing does not go away.

Because deep down inside your mission on earth is to be a Healer and no matter how much excuses you come up with, how much detours you are going to make, let’s face it – YOU ARE ONE!!

Instead of fighting it, it’s time to embrace it. The world is needing more and more healers like you, uniquely you. So instead of running, let’s make it happen! Do these few steps below and get closer to your goal of being one.


The first step in being a Healer is to get an education. No matter whether you are into psychology, NLP, Totems or other modalities, you need to get into the game by learning about the world of healing. Immerse yourself into it and you will find the next clue on what is your calling and what you feel most excited and passionate about doing.

It is like eating Durians (The King of Fruit) You either hate it or love it but wont know until you try it! So take that approach when going into it.


When I first started learning about healing and attending every class I can find, I was often intimidated by what my classmates would see or perceive in class. They would describe their amazing experience of how they saw colour, images and some appeared like a movie to them! It all sounded so fanciful while I saw nothing.

I decided I was handicap and didn’t pursue being a healer and I would just host healers instead. Yet, deep down inside I know I can do it and I let my limitations stop me from pursuing my path. So I gave it another go and persevered. Good thing I did as I am now happily engaged in my practise and teaching the craft to others.

Everyone perceives energy differently. We have our 5 main senses and it’s a matter of getting to know what they are and how they work for us. So if you dont see, hear, smell, feel or know any difference, DONT GIVE UP! Because one day, that will shift and fall into place and you will be able to sense them all.

Shortcut! Work with someone that can shed some light into your experience.


Some students will come to our courses diligently but fail to follow through on their practice. This is the next vital step in ensuring you stay on the path by practicing on others what you have learnt.

When we learn something new, we are rookies at it. And like all rookies, you have got to hit the courts as often as you can. Michale Jordan spent his entire summer doing two practice sessions a day, six days a week, shooting at least 500 jump shots in each practice. That’s more than 6,000 practice shots each week! No wonder he is that good!

Now imagine yourself doing a session on someone everyday after you have learnt a new technique?! Get your friends, family, colleagues to test them out! Even if at first you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, you have got to trust the process. Because the more often you do them and receive feedback on them, the better you will get and the stronger you will reinstate that it is working. This builds confidence and will create a lasting impression on you.

Remember, practice makes progress.

You will get better and better at it and start recognizing the patterns, the energy movements and how to be better at your craft.

I highly encourage you to stop running away from your true path and embrace your purpose.

If you need help to design a sequence of studies that is right for you, please do connect with us. No matter what you are doing now, just carry on down the path and one day, you will just be doing it, and then, as they say, the rest is history.

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