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How to stop worrying about everything

I am sure you have experienced taking the train of thoughts.

You can get on in one platform, ride on it, wonder in many different directions, however, it may never get back to the same platform again.

Especially when you are feeling emotional, stressed or anxious about something. It can be just a tiny simple trigger. Like why hasn’t your date call back after your first date? “Did you do something wrong?”

Perhaps it is the time where you are thinking about money. That’s the one that always gets us.

“Where is it going to come from?” “How will I ever be able to pay the next bill?” “This pandemic is not over yet, things are just going to get worse”

.. and the endless thoughts substantiating the one before of how bad it is going to be.

These mental ruminations are not going to stop yourself from addressing the problems. It will just make you go down the rabbit hole and make you feel worse by the minute, slowly diving down to a full-blown panic attack. You may think, oh that’s easy, I just need to get off the train. Yes, it may be that simple, however, remembering and ensuring that you will yourself to get off seems to THE challenge that most people face when they are on the train. They can’t seem to STOP. As much as they have tried, it just doesn’t seem to work.

So here is a technique you can use on yourself as well as your clients to help them shift from overthinking and worrying – into stop, pause and being. It will be a good one to try on yourself when you have similar encounters. Whenever you find yourself worrying, and you are able to remember that your thoughts are running wild, just switch it to your favourite fruit.

Think about your favourite fruit. One you genuinely cherish. Mine is a peach; eating one always perk me up. So I will use that as an example.

Imagine that you are about to bite into a peach, you smell it, sweetness fills your nostrils. Then slowly, you take a bite into it. Imagine experiencing all its flavours, the sweet sourish softness and intense scent of flower tangy goodness fill you up.

Now, where were your thoughts? Right where you want it.

These are neuron interrupters. When two neuron fire together, they tend to wire together on an automatic transmission, like when you are driving your car. It’s all on autopilot. Just like your thoughts can go into autopilot. To interrupt this process, you think of your favourite fruit and let the scent, taste, experience interrupt your thoughts for a minute then when it ends, you will notice that you are no longer thinking about what you did before.

Now the next step is then, where do you go from here.

Take a deep breathe and focus on these questions instead:

“What can I do to shift out of these?” “What is possible that I can now explore?” “What can I do and BE instead?”

These questions will bring you to a different state of mind and align your thoughts to better use than incessant worrying that will only cripple us.

So do try it out and let us know how you fare. Be sure to share it with friends and family that might have this issue. It will be a life saver.

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