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Advance Healing Container

Reset, Rejuvenate, Renew

A Personal Healing Voyage to Live Your Best Life

At  times, we just need a little help  along the way...

There comes a moment in our life, when we realise our body is not what it used to be, and we need a little extra help to navigate these challenges.

It may be the build-up of stress over the years, the lack of proper care or nourishment for our body, or perhaps wear and tear from our life that we neglected while chasing our dreams or caring for others.


They have all caught up to this most important vessel we call our body.

It is time for a Reset, so you can rejuvenate your cells and renew your body so it can be in its optimal state as you continue to enjoy

your life experiences to its fullest.

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Reset, Rejuvenate, Renew

Healing Container

Every journey into our well-being begins with a new outlook.


Let us bring you on a new journey and understanding of what dis-ease means and how you can shift from adopting old unsupportive beliefs to embracing new healthy supportive ones so you can heal.


Let us show you a new paradigm of living that is possible and within grasp.

Curated specifically for you, let us embrak on a new adventure into the journey of healing,

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During Your Healing Container

We Work On...

Physical Healing

Any phsyical ailments that you are currently facing - energy, strentgh, pain, diagnosed ailments, diseases, cancer, tumours, stroke, etc. We will support you in finding the root cause of the issue and shift it with new energy and vibrations that will ignite your body's natural ability to heal.

Emotional Healing

Facing illnesses is not just a physical battle, it take a strong emotional capacity to move through it with grace. We support you on dealing with the unseen influences emotional patterns that you may have taken on that is no longer supporting you and to fully release it.

Mental Cognition

What we belief we become, what we think, manifests. It's time to see how your thoughts have created your reality and how to make new adjustments to support a new way of being with the right mindset and supportive loving thoughts.

Life In Balance

When your life is off balance, challenges comes up, blockages appear and we get stuck. Let us help you get back to clarity and be in the flow of life again.

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Your Support Team

Jaime and Sioux 
Not One But Two!

We have over 50 years of experience in energy medicine, shamanic practices, life coaching, spiritual healing, psychotherapy and facilitating change for thousands of people. You will be receiving weekly personalised healing care when you are in this container with us and a monthly call to see what is needed to be addressed as you navigate your new way of being Many have had tremendous positive feedback on their healings after just one session! 



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Before Sioux and Jaime, I took many energy classes, accessed multiple energies, and spent years working on self.

I was blown away by the energetic power in their classes and the powerful clearings.

I experienced many positive changes in mine and my family's lives since, and helped many others with their teachings.

The clearings are often instant and noticeable immediately, unlike the slow subtle changes I was used to.

Post-class support is exceptional!

I look forward to exploring more life changes with StormShine!


Lauren Eaton, Autrailia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this retreat for me?
    YES – especially if you are wanting to dive deep into awakening your soul gifts, healing yourself and wanting to be of service. This retreat will help you move through any internal resistance you still have to taking the action needed in your life. It will give you more clarity, anchor in the energies you need with the tools to get you to where you want to go in your manifestation and unfolding in your life now.
  • What if I cannot afford this?
    This is not just a vacation in a pretty place. It is an Investment in YOU! A more appropriate question is HOW can I afford this. We believe that a retreat experience like this with its powerful teachings will propel you to greater heights in all layers and levels in your life. Things will only get better from here. So make it an investment in yourself that will lift you up to wherever you want to be. Also payment plans are available, and if you do not see one that fits you, check in with us. We will do our best to support you.
  • Can I get a more detailed course outline?
    We want the best retreat experience for you and that means you will need to trust us when we say, some things are best left to be revealed in the right time. We have been teaching esoteric classes and hosting retreats for years, we are skilled in watching the energy required for the group which makes it part of the great experience. Do trust that magic will happen and we will have an amazing time planned for everyone that is fun, safe and fulfilling! So leave it to us and come join us for a great time. As a general overview we gather for teachings twice a day. We have time to relax and time for assignments, going inwards, being in nature and communing and play. There will also be excursions and extracurricular activities planned. We will inform you ahead if you need to be prepared for anything ahead of time. We've got you!
  • How do you arrange roommates?
    We work our magic in pairing people up with the best possible person for you. Most people paired stay friends for a long time to come. So you are in good hands. Additional and limited single occupancy supplements are available on request and at a fee.
  • I'm concerned about travelling alone and with people I don't know
    With any travel, there is always an element of insecurity. However, know that Japan is a very safe country, in fact it is the 10th safest country in the world and people are always helpful to tourist and kind. So we've got you. Once you land, someone will be there to escort you. And your learnings actually starts as soon as you register, and you’ll be in Night School. This is where your soul goes to learn way before the retreat begins. You will be meeting your retreat mates there! The group and the venue are intimate, and the space is private. Rest assured, this is a safe space for you to be YOU.
  • Where do I fly into?
    We begin our retreat in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture at the lovely Kushifuru Retreat Villa. Away from the hustle and bustle, Kushifuru is equipped with a library, training facilities, hot springs, gym, and a sauna, so you can enjoy various activities during your stay or just be in nature. Please book your flights to ARRIVE at Aso Kumamoto Airport : Airport Code: KMJ We will make our way to Osaka for a few days towards the end of our trip and your departure airport will be in Osaka. Depending on where you head out from AFTER the retreat, your departure airport is: KIX or ITM Send us an email to for any questions you have with regards to your plans for Japan so we can assist in your preparations.
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    YES! Closer to the retreat date, our team will be in touch to get all information from you including your dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances. We will do out best to accommodate your needs. Typically there will be meat or vegetarian options and if you need something more, do let us know.
  • Can I stay longer?
    Absolutely! Japan is magical and if you have time, we highly recommend travelling around the area or other cities that may interest you. We are happy to offer recommendations if you need any.
Your Journey Begins Now...

To accomplish the maximum effectiveness of this work, we highly recommend a minimal healing retainer of 3-month blocks. Remember that more extended and complicated challenges may require more time, and healing depends on a co-creative space between you and your support team.


Every person will be in a sacred healing container with us while we work on you. You will receive weekly clearings and healings a 1.5 hour call before we begin and a monthly call to navigate this journey together.


Have Questions?

Get on a call to find out more! 

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