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If the shoe Fits

Throughout your life, you have worn many different sizes, types, and styles of shoes. At different life stages, certain styles and designs support us better than others. Along the way, your family plays a deciding role in governing which shoes you wear.

During your transformation from infant to toddler, those soft-soled baby slippers were not suitable for taking your first steps, running in the house, and playing in the mud.

As we grow, we need appropriate shoes for the changing sizes of our feet, the activities of our daily lives, and our unique sense of style and self-expression.

From early childhood onward, you needed shoes that fit properly, were durable, easy to clean, and acceptable for school dress codes and special occasions.

At this stage, your footwear was more than likely determined by your peers, instead of your parents.

Then as an adult, you get to select the type of shoes you want to wear.

You have total control in the purchasing process – however, your selection may be dictated by the utilitarian standards of your budget, society, safety, and profession.

Some people take a long time to make a decision and get a new pair, and others don’t care at all about what shoes they wear.

Some wear the same pair of shoes until they fall apart, while others are not content unless they have the hottest new couture on the market.

What if we could change our lives as easily as we change our shoes?

The norms and personal characteristics passed on from our family may have enabled survival up until today, but those traits may not serve effectively in the desired life of tomorrow.

It is important to make certain that we have the right physical and energetic characteristics in our lives.

For example, you may have been raised to believe that there was only one “right way” to be spiritual.

As you evolve into an individual adult, you sense that your family’s religion and its narrow, rigid belief system did not adequately prepare you for life in a complex, diverse, fast-changing society.

You recognize that the “shoe” no longer fits, so you try on something new. It may not be easy to take on a new mindset. After all you have been wearing those shoes for a while and it’s so comfortable, that you don’t feel like changing it at all.

This is where Healing our DNA is so important.

We unconsciously carry so much ‘programming’ in us that we don’t know what is really good for us until we start to explore what is possible.

Maybe you have been single for many years and yearn to find a mate. When you enter a new relationship, you will experience a series of tests to your values, beliefs, and habituated actions. If your father was the “breadwinner” and your mother was exclusively the “homemaker,” this has shaped your perceptions of gender norms and romance, and you may experience difficulties if your partner does not share the same belief system.

How you accept your body, your comfort in giving and receiving love, the traditional roles of men and/or women in a relationship, how you handle conflict, and even your willingness to be vulnerable will be tested as your embrace intimacy with a partner.

Through the process of DNA Healing, you it will be possible to finally LET GO of those beliefs that keeps us closed, shut down and unauthentic and bring forth what is truly our wants and desires. Uninhibited by what our parents, lineage had to deal with; we are now truly able to shake all that off.

Beliefs like “work hard to be successful” and “money is the root of all evil” or “you wont be good enough” are programmed into your DNA for generations.

Think about how each of our culture influences who we tend to be. Asians are different from Americans and Europeans. Our take on life, our outlook is all impede by our culture.

And while your mother and father have given you their genetic material, it is up to you now to choose what you would like to carry for the rest of your life.

Just like you taking charge of what shoes you would like to wear.

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