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How to address backlash as a Healer

“OMG! How can you charge for that healing? Don’t you realize that it is a gift from God?”

Do you often hear this in your practise as an energy healer?

This is a type of backlash from those who just don’t “get it” – meaning, they do not comprehend that your time is as valuable as that of a car mechanic who operates on your vehicle.

How do you take action when these individuals drop negative comments on your feed and advertisements, or speak negatively about your life and purpose as a healer?

How would you manage that?

The first advise I would like to offer is this:

Remember who you are

Remember that you are charging for your time and education. The most valuable thing we have to offer is our time. My next advise is to simply ignore this type of noise because most of the time, these people speak negatively as they are themselves undergoing a type of pain or need. And, more often than not, the negativity is related to (you guessed it!) money. Those who lash out towards the idea of you charging for your gifts and say that money has no place in spirituality possess a scarcity mindset.

They are themselves uncomfortable with their own financial situation. So, they lash out at you! Another reason is because, Dear One, you are able to do something fulfilling and meaningful as you live your life purpose while earning an income.

Take these comments as a sign that you are on the right path.

A path with purposes; to heal and shift planetary consciousness.

Remind yourself that not everyone is ready for this shift.

When an individual lashes out towards you, it may mean that they are at the awakening point of a shift within themselves.

So, it is best to pick and choose your battles wisely. Do not engage with them.

Not everyone is ready to accept that shift of consciousness.

Furthermore, the time and effort it takes for you to engage with that one person may be better utilized to assist five or six other individuals who are ready and willing to be a part of that change. One of the things I do when these negative comments come towards me is to send blessings and forgiveness out to the universe for this person. Not everyone is ready to hear what you have to say or do. So, it will benefit you and those around you to learn and let these negative comments go to the wayside. I understand that this is easier said than done. However, if you really do want to live this life purpose, then you need to truly let go and forgive. We are at a place right now where we need more healers and practitioners to assist this new paradigm shift. In these times of uncertainty, more and more people are looking inwards into spirituality, healing and guidance towards their true life purpose.

Practitioners and healers with a raised vibration inspire transformation and action where it’s needed most.

What if you could be that person that others trust to guide them?

If you are ready to “up” your game and raise your vibration even more to assist your clients, start your training and discover the Divine Intervention course in Bali 2021.

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