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How do you know when you have jump levels?

How do you know when you have jump levels or raised your vibrations?

As a Healer, Lightworker, or awakening individual, you may have heard someone use the term “jump levels” or talk about raising their vibrations.

For you to easily understand this concept, if you have played any form of games that goes from one level to the next or when you have done some cool stuff and you level up, that’s pretty similar to jumping levels. But instead of your avatar, this is YOU jumping levels.

What does that mean then?

Jumping levels usually involve you shifting your vibration upwards and that can happen in multiple ways. The most obvious ones are when you have taken a deep dive into a healing or spiritual retreat. Perhaps you have seen a healer and worked on shedding some trauma, baggage, or burdens that you carry. Letting go of these limitations of mindset, old beliefs that are keeping your heart closed will also help in jumping levels.

The biggest shift is usually life-altering experiences. When you know you have been diagnosed with an illness, or you have just lost your job or loved one. Something that shakes you to your core. These are also opportunities one can take to jump levels.

How do I know I have jumped levels?

There are no straight forward distinct answer and it is different for everyone and the general observations are:

You feel lighter

Physically, emotionally and mentally lighter. You may actually weigh less, feel as if something has been lifted off your chest and a sense of freedom fills you. Possibilities fill you.

Things that you care about changes. You notice that causes that you once hold dear may not be so relevant anymore. Or things that you don’t usually pay attention to start to annoy you. Certain people or characteristics annoy you. You start to notice different shifts around you and how they relate to you.

Material things goes kaput! Your old phone starts to give way, you laptop stops working, your electricity fuse blows. Electrical items that used to work with you and your vibrations dont work with you anymore. Sometimes you may loose things unconsciously or it got stolen from you. It is time to move on from these material things that are keeping you tied down. So they tend to disappear from your life.

Tastes in things changes Food somehow start tasting differently to you. You may even quit eating certain food that brings you joy and it doesn’t taste the same anymore.

Sense of smell accelerate This one I personally don’t care for as you start to catch the scent of things from a mile away and a certain scent that you love might suddenly repel you. You start to pick up on body odor or scent from building materials, mold, and sometimes it gets overwhelming.

Sense of sight expands The things that you used to perceive are now changed or different. Perspectives, as you have towards certain things that you care about might change. For some, you may start to develop your gift of psychic sight or strengthened them even more.

I usually notice some of these happening to my students when they come on a retreat like Divine Intervention or Hanafuda Magic with me. These retreats go deep into the core to remove subconscious patterns and allow for that wonderful feeling and sense of freedom to set in. So no matter how difficult or challenging some of these might be, the bittersweet note is that we feel lighter, more empowered; ignited with passion and purpose. Isn’t that how life should be? Have you experienced any of the above?

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