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Are you reading the Signs?

How do you even begin to be the driving force for your community when you feel down in the dumps?

That’s how I was feeling for the past 2 months.

I was all Gung-ho! It was a brand new year and I wanted to make a huge impact. it was an opportunity to close the past year off and start fresh. Who wouldn’t want that? However, I wasn’t feeling it AT ALL.

I know I have a big mission in life and that is to empower energy healers to become great at their craft and build a thriving business so that they can go out there, heal the world, and be supported financially.

However, I was not feeling physically well and my emotions were depressing. It was hard to get out of bed, I felt lethargic, unmotivated, and unable to focus. Minute tasks were taking a whole of me and I was constantly left wondering, what is wrong with me?

Then, instead of fighting it, I just let it be. I allowed the tears, allowed the pain to come, and truly be ok with it. I started taking time for me, even if it is just short ones, to sit on the balcony and watch the clouds go by. I started going inwards more, reading, listening, feeling. Making space, time to process. Eat, sleep and do nothing. It wasn’t easy to be this way for me however, it felt like I didn’t have a choice but to give in.

“Sometimes the best solution is to rest, relax and recharge. It’s hard to be your best on empty.” Sam Glenn

Have you had similar experiences this past 2 months? You are not alone. I came to understand intuitively that the energies of the past 2 months are such and it’s calling more people inward for self-reflection. A big opportunity to do and dig into the shadow aspects of yourself. This period was a precious one that allow you to regroup and get stronger. So don’t beat yourself up if you have been feeling this way.

Instead, ask yourself what have you learned and what is your body telling you.

Think about what they say to you on the plane.

You must always put on the oxygen mask for yourself before you help another. Energy Healers sometimes forget about themselves as they serve others. So I encourage you to take time out regularly, even if it seems like you cannot. That is probably when your body is reaching its limit and saying, “please slow down”

Here are some tell tale signs of when you need to let it rest:

  • Your Body KNOWS

Our body is so intelligent that it knows exactly what it needs and is constantly sending signals to us by telling us something is off. If you do listen to it, then you would start discovering the nuances of what it is needing and not. For example, when you skip a meal or eat too much, it will react. When you stop having milk and start again, you will feel the discomfort, confirming your intolerance of it. Treat it to different experiences, workouts, stimulants and see how it reacts and responds. Your body will tell you what it is capable of accepting and what it will not tolerate. Practice listening and paying attention to what it is saying. And in time you will get into a rhythm where you know exactly what is off.

  • The energy tells a tale

People say, there is something in the air and it kinda feels that way. I am sure you have smelled the rain in the air before it even rains. It is a tell-tale sign that it’s coming. Weather forecasters have collected data across the years trying to figure out exactly when it will rain so that we can be mindful of our movements. As you start to pay attention to the pulse of the earth, you will get a feeling that these vibrational signals in the air as you are feeling it in your body. Sometimes its a gut feeling, you just know what’s happening, sometimes it’s a feeling. So get more and more intuned with the environment so that you know what’s the buzz and jive with it.

Life gets easier when we are more intuned with our bodies as well as our environment.

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