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Online and In Person Courses

Passing on exceptional energy healing modalities and wisdom from Native American Lineages and advance healing technology from the Mayan Lineage to you

Our LIVE Course Offerings

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Science Courses



An extraordinary technique from the Mayan lineage that brings together the vibration of sacred geometry and color to create immediate shifts in your 7 chakras, living environment and more. Create specific outcome with these energies for yourself and others 

Science Experiment



Learn a powerful healing technique that brings shifts to dis-ease, stuckness, illnesses, mental or emotional restrictions & speeds up manifestations of your heart’s desires.

Science Lab Student



Learn a powerful healing technique that brings shifts to dis-ease, stuckness, illnesses, mental or emotional restrictions & speeds up manifestations of your heart’s desires.

Transform Your DNA


Powerful Shifts happen for you and your family when you work on your DNA. This deep and impactful healing modality comes from Mayan and Korean Masters. See negative Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual DNA traits dissapear while you anchor in beneficial traits that help support your life for generations to come.

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College Campus

Divine Intervention Mexico 

1-11 APRIL 2023

One of the best life transformational retreat one can go to for personal breakthroughs and Master level wisdom on Energy Healing passed down through an unbroken Mayan Lineage of Healers. Embrace the wisdom on uses of Dimensions and Frequencies for your every day life, heal with power and wisdom, kickstart your healing practise and more. Get Ready to JUMP many levels!

Leran From Home

On Demand Courses

Learn all about Totem Animals and how to use them by emanation to quickly and effectively shift the energies of a situation. You can also use it to create non linear energy grids that are fast moving and effective for shifting the energies of your 7 Chakras and in Level 200, a Wheel to manifest a desired outcome for yourself and your clients.

Learning on self paced online platform with a support system for questions and sharing.

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Our Class Formats

In Person Courses and Retreats

Learn in person and benefit from being in
a group community environment

Live Online

Live Online courses with some live audience 

Private Tutoring

Get maximum attention and flexibility on what you would like to learn, tailored specifically for your needs. Contact us to find our more

Self Paced Online

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, with lifetime access, you can revisit it at anytime you want. 

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Schedule a Call

We love for our students to get immense value out of their learning experience and as we have a wide variety of courses to offer that may not be listed here, the best way forward is to let us know how you would like to grow and what is most suited for you. So schedule a FREE 20 Min call with us and find out how we can help.

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