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Storm Shine’s


Program for Healers:

Absolutely FREE!


Our entrepreneurial journey has taught us many lessons in handling ourselves, our clients and the energy we need to bring to create transformation for others.


And through this journey, we created a 6-figure business and
continue to impact the world.


We are now on a mission to share this success path with fellow Healers so that they too, can do the same and help heal the world. 


For the first time ever, we are going to reveal how we did it in a
COMPLETE A to Z Marketing & Branding Training Course!


And we want to share that experience with you. We are offering
a select group of our students the opportunity to participate in a
Pilot Group for our new Signature Program.


Before we launch this course, we wanted to make sure we have a
strong group of motivated people like yourself going through the
program with us... and getting REAL RESULTS!


So come join us and claim your FREE spot in our course, here's
how to apply:


Upload a 5-min (or less) video by August 13th 2023, answering the following:

  1. Your name and country 

  2. Tell us about where you are at now with your Healing Business
    - just starting or growing

  3. Share with us your business goals (be as specific as possible) 

  4. What do you think is getting in the way? 

  5. How do you feel this training will help you? 

  6. What is the #1 thing you would like to have or experience
    by the end of this program?? 


Upload your details and video into our private Google Drive right here. 


Here’s what we will be looking for: 


People we can have the most impact on, who are willing to put in the
effort and energy to make things happen. A good attitude of wanting to learn and implement what they have learnt. We will likely pick you if our training and support can help you. 

We are only selecting between 10-15 people.

So Apply Now!

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