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What is Light Language and 3 Ways you can use it for Healing

light however, this is not what Light Language is, as taught by the Mayan Curandero elders. To describe it simply, Light Language is the use of sacred geometry, combined with the vibration of color to create a sequence of energy. This sequence is vibrating in our auric field and creating a certain impact on our life. We unconsciously communicate with Light Language all the time though you don’t see them.

In order for us to shift out of our patterns and to change things, we will need to introduce new vibrations into our life. When put into a specific grid form, it can affect certain outcomes for yourself as well as for the community.


I remember after I learned this tool, I used it in a room with a crying baby that was not wanting to calm down. So I emanated a Blue Cube and within a few seconds, the crying stopped and she was able to just relax again. I was so excited! I created many 7 shape personal grids then, for my home, my healing center and my wallet. I noticed the shifts in energy for all of them. Subtle, gradual shifts begin to happen. The most significant part was learning to write the 49 Shape Grid after Level 2. I created my first grid for a gradual increase of cash flow monthly and that manifested as well and I have been using it on myself and my clients ever since. HOW YOU CAN USE LIGHT LANGUAGE Light Language connects with and is emanated from your chakras into the environment. Once you have received the downloads – which is passed down from Teacher to Student, you will be able to use them in your life to create specific outcomes for yourself.

Here are 3 ways which you can use Light Language in your life.

ONE: USING A SINGLE SHAPE The CUBE is one of my favorite shapes to use as it grounds myself and contain certain energies into a specific space. When I start my day, I like to envision the cube as part of my grounding exercise to keep me centered before I start my day. When I need to go inwards after a busy day or frazzled after a certain event, I use the Cube to ground myself again. It is fast, effective and easy to use and just takes a few seconds to set in place.

For example, if you see someone on a street or a family member you care about needing some comfort, you can emanate the Great Truncated Cuboctahedron (displayed above) with Olive Green to the person so they feel comforted and brings them healing. I usually like to send this to strangers who I see in my life that may need that extra healing.


We all run a specific geometry and color in our 7 chakras and like a default program, it is just running on autopilot. With Light Language, you can replace your default with specific energies you want to create for yourself so that you can attract the outcomes that you want in your life and remove old ones that are not working. For example, if you have a stuck solar plexus chakra that is not supporting you to create and manifest cash or relationships in your life, then you want to use a Orange Sphere in this space to start things moving. You will feel more empowered and possibilities will start showing itself.
I also love to use Dodecahedrons when I need to find new ways of looking for solutions for my clients or myself. If you know me, my motto is “there’s always another way” so I use the Dodecahedron a lot 🙂


With the intermediate grid you are able to put together 49 shape and color to create a certain outcome for yourself, your clients and the community. On of the Grids that I first created as I mentioned was the CASH grid. We all can use with an upgraded way to bring in cash in these challenging times cant we? So this is an amazing one to use to create that.

With the Advance a 144 Grid, you can bring about strong, long lasting support that you can give yourself and your clients when you use them to bring about a tangible outcome. For example, you can create community grids about changing the mental health awareness, global warming, changes in legislations, drug or sex trafficking. The list is endless. There is so much you can do with Light Language to create the change you want to see in this world.

Developing a sense of knowing and observation to the energies around us will allow for us to be more in tune to what is happening on the subconscious and energetic field of ourselves and our clients and allow for greater healing to take place.


Light Language LEVEL 1, 2 & 3 is being taught LIVE ONLINE this weekend. If you would like to learn this new tool to create shifts for yourself and others, do join us. Taught by Master Teacher Sioux Storm, details are here. CLICK HERE

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