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5 Questions to ask before considering to be a Healer

Being a Healer can be an amazingly fulfilling career. However, without guidance, it can be a daunting process too.

Many people feel like the world of energy healing is so intangible that they don’t know how and when it works and if it can bring results for another person. Perhaps that is because you are using an irrelevant way of sensing energy – it cannot be perceived just by sight.

There are 5 ways to sense energy that we teach about in our Guides class however, knowing how to sense energy is just one part of the process. The most important aspect is if you HAVE HEART.

That will be the true measure of whether you will make it or not as a Healer and how it drives you to success. Before you begin embarking on this journey, it is important to get you ready for it. Here are 5 questions that one need to ask before considering a career as a Healer. Think of it like you are going to see a career counselor. Here are the questions they will ask to see if this is the right fit for you.

The insights at the end will reveal where you are on this path.

1. Is helping or being of service to a person/plant/animal, something that I am interested in?

This is what I would always ask a student to ponder upon before going down this road. You see, beyond everything, we have an innate purpose to serve humanity in one form or another and it is deeply embedded in our soul’s purpose. It is something that we set out to do. If that is your calling, then this path is the one you want to go down. It also helps you decide to do this with clarity and determination because one’s Soul purpose doesn’t change, it merely evolves into a different HOW for different people, but our purpose does not change. So get on the right path if your answer is a YES!

2. Am I willing to be open to learning?

A bit part of the beginner’s journey is about learning. Mostly because understanding energy is not something you are trained to monitor in your life and learning how it works and how you can recognize an energy is one of the key components of a student in training. When you are willing and open to be coachable and receive this knowledge and put them to good use, then you are on the right track. If you are too set in your old ways of being and thinking and allow no wriggle room to learn new things, that this path is going to be challenging for you.

3. Will I be open to practice my skills on others?

Part of the learning experience is wanting to practice the tools you have learned. Why is that important? Well, imagine having a Doctor operate on you without prior training? I am sure you would want to feel more confident in having done a few sessions yourself on others before going out there and calling yourself a Healer. It would also be nice to have experience and receive feedback on your new learned tool before doing it on others right?

4. Am I going to allow myself to charge for my time and skillset?

A lot of Healers find it very difficult to charge for their services in a rightful manner. It is part of why most people have a certain mindset about starving healers as they do starving artists. People feel that you will never make enough money to make ends make, less prosper from it. How far from the truth that is! Healers CAN be THRIVING Healers with more than enough to make ends meet. It all begins with your mindset. Then of course you need to learn HOW TO do it. And yes, as long as you are willing to charge, you will be successful and enjoy a passionate career that will feed your Soul and your wellbeing. We are living proof! 🙂

5. Am I open to having a balanced ego?

A healthy ego allows us to work on being confident and assured in our gift and our ability to deliver on what we have set out to do. It has a balanced view of our sense of self-worth to be able to value our gift as a precious commodity and work in respect and honor with it. A healthy ego also allows us to be humble and in service rather than in the space of a Guru demanding people to fan our worth so that we feel good enough about ourselves. It is in this space of willingness to be of service and at the same time value ourselves that will best serve you well in your journey as an effective Healer.

What does your answer reveal about you?


If you have answered mostly YES to the above, well Congratulations! You are meant to be a fantastic Healer! And if you are not already on the path, then it is time to start. Pick up a modality that resonates with you, try a few modalities until you know what truly rings in your Soul. Take on classes, learn and practice what you have learned. Begin wherever you are.


For those of you who are on the fence, you won’t know for sure until you walk down the road. If you have not tried to eat Durian (an exotic Asian fruit that people either love or hate) then you wont be able to tell me if you like it or not. It is only through going down the road of learning and doing that will truly lead you to your answer.


I’m sure you already know what that means 🙂 This path is not for you. Go choose something else. Unless you feel that it’s your fear about being a Healer that is answering these questions for you in the first place.

The Divine always has a way of making us trot down this path that we are meant to be. It would be a gentle nudge or a drastic push. Like you get fired from a job or your life starts crumbling and you go on a self-healing journey. Either way, if this path is meant for you, in time you will be in it as your SOUL needs will speak LOUDER than your FEARS.

And when that time comes, we will be here, READY for you!

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